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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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making news in america this morning -- shooting spree. the deadly rampage at a planned parenthood. what we're learning about the victims. possible motives. and the alleged gunman. breaking overnight. a bus overturning on a highway, packed with college students returning from holiday break. investigators on the scene all night long. the new details coming in now. amazon showing off its new technology. just in time for cybermonday, drone. and final season. kobe bryant leaving the game. the laker great addressing the
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and we say hello to you everyone, on this monday. good morning to you. we begin with the search for answers following the deadly shooting rampage at planned parenthood in colorado springs. >> three lives were cut short. a police officer who responded to the attack. a mother of two. and an iraq war veteran.komp ni ccompanying flend ing ing friends to the clinic. >> accused shooter robert dear is said by neighbors to be a loner. we're going to get the latest from megan hughes. >> reporter: while investigators process if snowy scene outside the colorado prings planned parenthood clinic, the victims' families process the lives lost. 29-year-old ke'arre stewart was an iraq war vet. >> he warned him. >> reporter: his brother says stewart took a phone call outside the clinic and was among the first to be hit. warning others to take cover. his brother has some questions for the gunman.
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>> why? he didn't even know him. he said no more body parts. my brother wasn't pro-abortion. he wasn't participating in abortion. >> reporter: 36-year-old jennifer markovsky was a mother of two. the third victim, 44-year-old police officer garrett swasey, was also pastor at his church. >> he would have gone into the clinic to serve those people because their lives mattered. >> reporter: during the five-hour siege at the clinic, people scrambled for their lives as a gunman took aim at police and everyone else. he's got an ak. >> reporter: the alleged gunman 57-year-old robert dear, made rambling, hostile comments about planned parenthood. he was on the mind of many. in prayer circles and vigils throughout colorado this weekend. >> we forgive him. we can't not. garrett's forgiven him. >> reporter: megan hughes, abc news, washington. breaking overnight, a bus
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packed with college students losing control on a virginia road. >> more than 30 people were injured last night when the charter bus flipped over on a ramp and landed on its side. the students were returning to school from thanksgiving break to virginia tech, the university of virginia. and radford university. >> i just dropped them off at vcu. they're headed back to radford tonight to go back to school. and i was on my way home. my daughter called and said the bus flipped over. >> a call no parent wants. one person was seriously hurt. the others suffered minor injuries. the bus driver was charged with with reckless driving. breaking news from overseas. specifically afghanistan. where the state department has warned of an imminent attack in kabul. u.s. citizens are told to be extremely cautious in they -- if they move around that city. regarding the targets, the timing, our the method of the planned attack.
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concern in paris, as well. where diplomats from nearly 200 countries are gathering for a global climate change conference. the president went to the bataclan concert hall to pay his respects after the terror takes that took 130 lives. this morning, a one-on-one meeting with china's president. the u.s. and china are the world's top two carbon emitters. president obama has staked his legacy on forging a global response to climate change. abc's jonathan karl is in paris with the latest. are here in paris to discuss climate change. there's no question that the threat of terrorism and isis specifically is overshadowing much of what is happening here it. it will be topic number one on monday night when president obama sits down for a one-on-one dinner with president hollande. they'll talk about ways to get a more aggressive approach to dealing with the isis threat. jonathan karl, abc news, paris. >> president spending two days in paris.
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jonathan karl, thank you. back here now, a new storm is moving into the plains today. promising a heavy, wet snowfall. that threatens to bring down power lines just as fierce as a storm did over the holiday in oklahoma. more than 100,000 people left in the dark. the governor declaring a state of emergency. heavy snow fell on the field at denver's mile high stadium. as the broncos took on the both teams slipping and sliding all over that field. and look at the radar right now. it shows the new storm system moving across the middle of the country. accuweather meteorologist cam tran with the forecast. good morning, cam. >> reporter: good morning, aditi this winter storm system will the plains state. an icy mix will fall in iowa and nebraska. while the rest of the area will see mainly snow. the bulk of the snowfall will be falling late tonight, into tuesday. as this system shifts on off to the north and east. minneapolis could see upwards of eight inches of snow into
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tuesday night and omaha, up wards of four inches. it was pretty damp across north texas over the weekend. they'll start to dry out today as the frontal system shifts off to the east. the bulk of the rainfall will be moving across the tennessee valley. we're looking at spotty showers along the gulf coast as well. let's check the political climate now as well. donald trump has canceled a news conference with black ministers but still plans to meet with the group in new york city today. he was initially expected to announce an endorsement from 100 african-american pastors and religious leaders. but some of those leaders say it's just a meeting, not an endorsement. while others have turned down trump's invitation. pope francis is wrapping up his visit to africa with a stop in one of the continent's most dangerous places, central african republic. the pope visiting a mosque this
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morning. he urged factions to lay down their weapons and arm themselves with peace and forgiveness. reaction pouring in overnight to word that kobe bryant is retiring from basketball after this season. bryant will leave the game as its number three career scorer. with at least 17 all-star appearances and at least two olympic gold med dallas. in a news conference after last night's loss, kobe says he knows it's time to leave the game. >> i honestly feel good about i really do. i feel at peace with it. what's to come. the amount of respect i have for the fans on the road. to show mutual appreciation and is enough. i can't thank the fans enough. >> the 37-year-old has struggled with injuries for the past three seasons. he played his entire career with the lakers. >> can you believe that? >> i can't. >> long time. >> mm-hmm. well, still ahead.
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wait... wait... perfect. at del monte, green beans are packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else. so they' re all-natural and delicious. the university of chicago's main campus is closed today because of a security threat. school administrators say they got word from the fbi that someone online threatened gun violence against the school.
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mentioned the campus quad at 10:00 a.m. the police presence on campus has been stepped up. students living in dorms were told to stay inside. the number of people shopping this cybermonday is expected to drop this year. 121 million people are expected to logon for a good deal. that's down from 126 million from last year. the likely reason? online retailers rolled out the deals much earlier this year. work productivity will probably drop, as well, today. 95% of workers are expected to check out the deals during work hours. amazon is showing off its latest prototype of drones designed to deliver packages in 30 minutes. they can carry packages up to 5 pounds. they fly under 400 feet. they're equipped with technology to dodge obstacles. amazon says the drone service will launch once they get approval. >> amazing. let's talk movies now. at the box office this weekend -- "hunger games" still eating up ticket sales. katniss and her exploits in "mockingjay part 2" holding on to the top spot for
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the second week in a row. the movie earning more than $51 million. "the good dinosaur" in second place on its debut. and the rocky remake, "creed" third on its open. okay, so "the 12 days of christmas" items will cost just about the same as last year. the price of ten lords a leaping increased 3% over last year. 9 of the other 12 gifts listed in the carol "the 12 days of christmas" stayed the same. so the total this year is just over $34,000. about 0.6% more. who doesn't need ten lords a leaping? >> i mean, i don't know. >> it's on everyone's list. >> of course. when we come back, close call. people at an apartment complex hospitalized. because of carbon monoxide. where investigators say the leak came from. a wild comeback, giving tom brady his first loss of the season. plus, a star patriots player carted off the field. automated voice: to file a claim, please state your name. carnie wilson.
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in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number pwhich matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at this is tower cam video of dense fog in seattle, washington. fog causing accidents and spinouts across the puget sound all weekend long. temperatures dipped into the 20s. warmer weather expected today. for a looked a morning road conditions. heavy rain from northern alabama to mississippi and tennessee. heavy snow in nebraska and minnesota. a few showers on the west coast.
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if you're flying, airport delays possible in minneapolis, kansas city, chicago, and memphis. a carbon monoxide leak at a houston apartment building sent a dozen people to the hospital. >> the fire department was called after a tenant got sick and passed out. when crews got there, they realized it was more serious than they first thought. >> i knew something serious had happened. i wasn't sure what. >> if i would have passed out as well we would both be dead. >> the building was evacuated. the source appears to be a gas leak in the boiler room and laundry connected to the building. overseas, a security breach at buckingham palace after two protesters climb on to the roof. queen elizabeth not believed to be at the palace that the time. the protesters said they walked ladder. the officers assumed they were just workers.
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fairness for naurs divorce and child custody cases. they were event eventually arrested. grammy awar-winning artist sinead o'connor is under care. the 48-year-old's message is the latest in a string of posts detailing a custody battle over her 11-year-old son. there's though comment overnight from her spokesman. falling into a storm drain turned out to be a lucky break for a dog in maryland. a man walking his dog saw the pup in the drain and called the rescue crews to the scene. they worked for two hours to free the terrier. and then, they discovered, he was a 1-year-old pooch named cookie who had been missing since october of last year. the pup is now going home. >> that is amazing. >> it's incredible. time for our look at sports. >> here with the details, our
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guys at espn. john buccigross. john anderson. see what we did there. john a., john b. enjoy kobe bryant while you can. >> he announced he'll require tire at the end of the season. what a career it's been with the lakers. 20th in the league. all with l.a. five champ yornships. twice the finals mvp. third on the nab's all-time scoring list trailing kareem abdul-jabbar and karl malone. big game sunday night. undefeated patriots and the broncos. forty quarter. tom brady. rob gronkowski. he goes down. right near. we're writhing in pain. adam schefter had a source tell him it doesn't appear to be serious. a buck 15 to play in the fourth.
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first and goal. andre caldwell. no time outs. a nice out route. gostkowski comes on if the game-tying field goal. four seconds left. right through from 47. fella. 24-24. patriots, three and out. broncos, c.j. anderson, no relation, goes through all the guys the blue pants. now he's running -- nobody caught him. touchdown for the orange team. broncos win it, 30-24. patriots. >> have a great day. >> thank you to the johns. coming up next in "the pulse." candy controversy. reese's apologizing because of
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time now for us to check "the pulse." we start with giants quarterback, eli manning. getting a new, not so flattering nickname. >> it started after a closed captioning mistake. >> the text across the bottom of
4:53 am
the scene called him eli man penguin boy. the phrase went viral. then the name went -- oh, man. the internet can be so mean. >> i guess that was inevitable with those memes. >> i think a penguin is a -- >> well, they say if it ain't broke don't fix it. one candy maker missed that lesson. >> look at this. reese's peanut butter cups is getting slammed on social media. this is supposed to be shaped like a christmas tree. many chocolate lovers are calling ate huge fail. some using a hashtag to call it something else. that we won't say on tv. take your imagination. >> the company apologize ing to consumers. to some fans, it doesn't matter. if you're complaining about the shape, you're not eating fast enough.
4:54 am
a kraiing for peanut butter cups. >> not one that looks like that. you've preebl take an selfie or two once in your life. this is tough to beat. two brothers from canada with a lice elusive bald eagle. they found the eeg until a trap and untangled him. >> then they snapped a selfie. they say the bird stayed surprisingly calm and look at this. as if it were returning their kindness, it then flapped those powerful wings and flew away. >> so gracefully, too. >> it is very graceful. not sure if it came back to get at them. >> that looked so regal. right? >> it does. >> feel like you should hear music in the background. >> the bald eagle has quite a few of them. no surprise there. that they came encountering one. he seemed down with the selfie. for some of you, more news is next. ohs, we'll be back on the other side.
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checking our top stories, the suspect in the shooting rampage at a colorado planned parenthood is due in court today. robert dear is accused in the deaths of three people. he reportedly made hostile comments about baby parts and president obama. jury selection beginning today for the first of six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. icy rain and flash floods blamed for more than 100,000 power outages in oklahoma. the governor has declared a state of emergency. chilly but dry in the northeast. heavy rain in parts of the south as well as nebraska. en many could get up to a food of snow.
4:58 am
was a half century ago that "a charlie brown christmas" first pard. >> to celebrate, abc is hosting a 50th anniversary special tonight. >> reporter: good grief. it's been 50 years. >> all right. quiet everybody. >> reporter: charles shulz's lovable characters brought to the screen in 1965. >> i just don't understand it. >> reporter: the story of a troubled boy. his dog, snoop pi, and friends coming to the rescue. >> no, no, no! listen, all of you. you have got the take direction. >> back when i was a kid, in the '60s, you would get your family together and sit dourn around the tv set and watch it. >> reporter: and 50 years later, shulz's son craig says the theems still ring true. >> we're all there when charlie brown loses. we all lose a lot more in life than we ever win. >> reporter: listen to the
4:59 am
>> i always end up playing a shepherd shepherd shepherd. >> reporter: these are neighborhood kids pulled from classrooms. >> oh, no, we're doomed. >> are you thrilled? show me your dance moves. >> reporter: snoopy's excited. ready to celebrate monday's golden anniversary. along with an hour-long special on abc. to what's now become a holiday classic. >> all: merry christmas, charlie brown. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> an all-night party. celebrating 50 years of this. >> and that music is just perfection perfection. >> many people were questioning using jazz music. >> i can't imagine it without that music. >> very iconic. that's what's minging news


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